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The Ultimate Flying with a Baby Packing List

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Are you flying soon with your baby? We recently flew for the first time with our son and it went very smoothly! While we don’t have a lot of experience on flights with him yet, we are frequent fliers so had a good understanding of what might be most helpful. Read on for the ultimate flying with a baby packing list! Is there anything you’d add? Amazon links available here.

A few other tips for your day of flying experience that helped us:

  • Give yourself an extra hour at the airport beyond what you’d need for just yourself. TSA may need to test your milk, stroller, etc.
  • You can ask TSA to change gloves before they handle your baby’s items
  • Either buy a seat for your baby (it’s so much easier having the space) or ask the gate agent when you arrive if there are any open seats. It was so helpful bringing our carseat on the plane.
  • Change the diaper before getting on the plane
  • Nurse or feed your baby on descent to help ears pop
  • We found that an early morning flight was the best since the baby slept the whole time – from driving to the airport all the way until descent when it was time to feed
  • If there’s a Starbucks at your arrival gate, preorder it for your arrival 🙂 A little treat for parents to celebrate a successful flying experience!

What other tips would you add? While ultimately it is a lot more work flying with a baby, the experiences you share as a family make it all worth it!

If you’d like a downloadable PDF of the flying with a baby packing list, check out the link above. For travel destination inspiration around the US, check out more articles here. Happy flying!

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