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How to Find Christmas Tree Farms in Minnesota

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Minnesota Grown

Tis the season to get into the holiday spirit and decorate with a locally grown Christmas tree! We are lucky to have many beautiful Christmas tree farms in Minnesota. For the first time ever, we bought a real Christmas tree and I am in love with it! Our house smells so great and we love taking time as a family to enjoy our tree each night. (Side note – did you know real trees are not only festive but also environmentally friendly and good for the local economy?!)

With plenty of Christmas tree farms in Minnesota, it may feel daunting trying to pick the best one. Minnesota Grown has taken a lot of the work out for you and created a directory with filters so you can find locations near you with features that matter the most to you.

With more than 50 locations across the state, Minnesota Grown helped us narrow in on Hansen Tree Farm in Anoka and we had the best day creating memories as a family. Below are some of the features that are helpful when looking for the best Christmas tree farm in Minnesota for you to visit.

1. Christmas Tree Farm vs. Lot

Minnesota Christmas Tree farm

Depending on where you live and if you want to make your outing quick or long, you can choose between a farm and a lot. We wanted a full afternoon outing and the experience of cutting down a tree ourselves so we searched for farms. However, if you prefer a setting with pre-cut trees, a lot is a perfect choice. Visiting a lot would also make for a quicker experience and there are many Minnesota Grown lots, especially around the cities.

2. Type of Tree

Minnesota Christmas Tree farm

I honestly didn’t know much about the various types of Christmas trees before we visited Hansen Tree Farm but I have since learned a lot! For example, Balsam fir is the most popular Christmas tree in Minnesota. Balsam fir is also the only fir species native to the Great Lakes area so it’s a great choice locally. That is the type of tree we decided to get and Hansen Tree farm sells many of that type since it’s their preferred species. I love that Hansen Tree Farm charges a flat $150 per tree no matter the species or size to reflect that they all involved similar work up front.

3. Other Seasonal decor for sale

Minnesota Christmas Tree farm

We wanted to purchase greenery and wreaths as part of our outing so we looked for a farm that sold other items as well. Hansen Tree Farm also sells tree stands and gift items. The perfect one stop shop!

4. Experiences Included

Since we wanted to create family memories during our outing, we looked for a farm that had various experiences. Hansen Tree Farm includes hay rides, hot chocolate, cider, bonfires and Christmas sausage on weekends at no extra charge beyond the Christmas tree. Their farm is also very popular with photographers who offer mini sessions since the setting is so magical (pre-book with a photographer directly). Many photographers bring beautiful props and we even got to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus as one photographer brought them along for photos! We opted to bring our own camera and take photos which also turned out so well!

5. Tree Shaking and Baling

Minnesota Christmas Tree farm

Since we had never bought a real Christmas tree before, we looked for a farm that would shake, bale and tie the tree onto our car for us. The team at Hansen Tree Farm made the experience SO easy for us. It was also super easy untying the tree from our car and setting it up in the stand once we got home. We learned that as long as the tree is cared for and well watered, it will last 5-6 weeks so we will be savoring the next few weeks with it.

We absolutely loved looking at the best Christmas Tree farms in Minnesota on the Minnesota Grown website and were thrilled with our visit to Hansen Tree Farm. To find the right place to make your holiday memories at a Christmas tree farm near you, visit

Happy Holidays!

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