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I'm here to help you plan your next trip. Whether you're looking for travel ideas, activity guides, or foodie recommendations, I've got you covered.

Planet with Sara is an award-winning travel blog that was created in 2020 to share adventure ideas, travel itineraries, foodie spots and hidden gems of my home state Minnesota with other busy adventure lovers. Here, you'll find tons of travel inspiration informed from 52 countries, 6 continents, 32 states, 16 national parks and countless spots around Minnesota and the Midwest I've visited while working full-time.


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Hey, I'm Sara! I'm here to help you plan your next trip to Minnesota and beyond.

Traveling to new places is my favorite pastime. It's how I recharge from my full-time corporate job and draw inspiration from new cultures. The past decade has been full of adventure, thanks to carefully planned annual leave, work trips around the globe and living in gateway cities.

It can be hard to turn travel dreams into reality, so here I present guides from my trips that reduce the amount of research you'll need to do. Instead of starting from scratch, you'll begin with a plan that was put together after many, many hours of research.

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Everything Minnesota

Minnesota is an underrated gem that flies under the radar on the national travel scene. Yet, it's one of the most stunning states.

From the gorgeous North Shore, to the up-and-coming adventure activity region in the Iron Range, Minnesota has everything you need for a great getaway!


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